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In this biz you don’t always have time to plan V-Day candy, roses or reservations. So we’ve had 1,000 monkeys developers spend 1,000 hours 10 minutes building an advanced algorithmic love matching machine. Simply answer a few Hot or Not questions and find your perfect RTOP date with an ad man/woman who won't be able to go 5 minutes without checking a phone. Romantic.

Get started and set me up with:

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  • 7 tyrionlannister
  • 11 ryanseacrest
  • Holder img1
  • 4 toystoryaliens
  • 13 jonathantaylorthomas
  • 16 markzuckerburg
  • 18 bigbird
  • 3 royalbabygeorge
  • 19 arnold
  • 2 tomford
  • 10 alberteinstein
  • 5 auntjemima
  • 12 channigtatum
  • 1 boo
  • 15 snail
  • 9 mozart
  • 20 animal
  • 6 onegrahamcracker
  • 17 gollum
  • 14 unicorn
  • 8 pikachu

Tyrion Lannister

Ryan Seacrest


Toy Story Aliens

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Mark Zuckerburg

Big Bird

Royal Baby George


Tom Ford

Albert Einstein

Aunt Jemima

Channing Tatum


A Snail



One Graham Cracker




A Lannister always pays his debts.

Too many shows.

Thin hair,piercing blue eyes, will treat you like his precious.

We're just toys.

Was the voice of Simba.

Had a movie made about him.

Pals around with bizarre creatures.

Looking for help in the bathroom.

Will jingle you all the way.

Clothes make the man.

Smart dude.

Culturally insensitive.

Makes the girls crazy.

OMG I M 2 cute LOLZ

Slowly making progress.

A child Prodigy.

Awesome on the drums.

Break me off a piece of that.

Will treat you like his precious.

They don't exist.

Has power of electricity.

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  • 7 allfourhobbits
  • 11 homersimpson
  • Holder img2
  • 4 jabbathehut
  • 13 charliesheen
  • 16 tommyspace
  • 18 katyperry
  • 3 georgemicheal
  • 19 ojsimpson
  • 2 robford
  • 10 velociraptor
  • 5 greengiant
  • 12 miketyson
  • 1 grumpycat
  • 15 pope
  • 9 justinbeiber
  • 20 beyonce
  • 6 kimkardashian
  • 17 thor
  • 14 vladimirputin
  • 8 kimjongii

All Four Hobbits

Good hobbits put a ring on it.

Homer Simpson

Too many seasons.


Godly biceps, rumored to have a large hammer.

Jabba the Hut

I'm just for selling toys.

Charlie Sheen

Still hears Mufassa.

Tom from Myspace

Saw a movie once.

Katy Perry

Has dated a series of them.

George Michael

Looking for "help" in the bathroom.

OJ Simpson

Will get away with it.

Rob Ford

I can't get my pants off.


Clever girl.

The Jolly Green Giant

Vertically insensitive.

Mike Tyson

Face. Tattoo.

Grumpy Cat

F**k OFF.

The Pope

Me too.

Justin Bieber

As a child, listened to Prodigy.


Awesome on everything.

Kim Kardashian

No thanks.


Rumor has it he has a huge hammer.

Vladmir Putin

Gays don't exist.

Kim Jong Il

Denies his people electricity.

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