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In this biz you don’t always have time to plan V-Day candy, roses or reservations. So we’ve had 1,000 monkeys developers spend 1,000 hours 10 minutes building an advanced algorithmic love matching machine. Simply answer a few Hot or Not questions and find your perfect RTOP date with an ad man/woman who won't be able to go 5 minutes without checking a phone. Romantic.

Get started and set me up with:

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  • 1 boo
  • 6 onegrahamcracker
  • 4 toystoryaliens
  • 11 ryanseacrest
  • 5 auntjemima
  • 10 alberteinstein
  • 18 bigbird
  • 8 pikachu
  • 13 jonathantaylorthomas
  • 7 tyrionlannister
  • 3 royalbabygeorge
  • 16 markzuckerburg
  • 17 gollum
  • 14 unicorn
  • Holder img1
  • 15 snail
  • 9 mozart
  • 12 channigtatum
  • 2 tomford
  • 20 animal
  • 19 arnold


One Graham Cracker

Toy Story Aliens

Ryan Seacrest

Aunt Jemima

Albert Einstein

Big Bird


Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Tyrion Lannister

Royal Baby George

Mark Zuckerburg




A Snail


Channing Tatum

Tom Ford



OMG I M 2 cute LOLZ

Break me off a piece of that.

We're just toys.

Too many shows.

Culturally insensitive.

Smart dude.

Pals around with bizarre creatures.

Has power of electricity.

Was the voice of Simba.

A Lannister always pays his debts.

Looking for help in the bathroom.

Had a movie made about him.

Will treat you like his precious.

They don't exist.

Thin hair,piercing blue eyes, will treat you like his precious.

Slowly making progress.

A child Prodigy.

Makes the girls crazy.

Clothes make the man.

Awesome on the drums.

Will jingle you all the way.

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  • 1 grumpycat
  • 6 kimkardashian
  • 4 jabbathehut
  • 11 homersimpson
  • 5 greengiant
  • 10 velociraptor
  • 18 katyperry
  • 8 kimjongii
  • 13 charliesheen
  • 7 allfourhobbits
  • 3 georgemicheal
  • 16 tommyspace
  • 17 thor
  • 14 vladimirputin
  • Holder img2
  • 15 pope
  • 9 justinbeiber
  • 12 miketyson
  • 2 robford
  • 20 beyonce
  • 19 ojsimpson

Grumpy Cat

F**k OFF.

Kim Kardashian

No thanks.

Jabba the Hut

I'm just for selling toys.

Homer Simpson

Too many seasons.

The Jolly Green Giant

Vertically insensitive.


Clever girl.

Katy Perry

Has dated a series of them.

Kim Jong Il

Denies his people electricity.

Charlie Sheen

Still hears Mufassa.

All Four Hobbits

Good hobbits put a ring on it.

George Michael

Looking for "help" in the bathroom.

Tom from Myspace

Saw a movie once.


Rumor has it he has a huge hammer.

Vladmir Putin

Gays don't exist.


Godly biceps, rumored to have a large hammer.

The Pope

Me too.

Justin Bieber

As a child, listened to Prodigy.

Mike Tyson

Face. Tattoo.

Rob Ford

I can't get my pants off.


Awesome on everything.

OJ Simpson

Will get away with it.

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